Spotify Coded Bracelet - Valentines Bracelet

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Spotify Code Bracelet - Valentines Bracelet

❤️Personalise your favourite song that has meaning in this stunning bracelet.

❤️Maybe your wedding song? This is the most thoughtful meaningful gift this valentines day

❤️Order early for Valentines so you don't miss out

Very few things are made to scream “I love you” to your significant other. This pair of bracelets   is one of them. Now you two can show you belong to each other, no matter the distance between you. The set includes two Her King His Queen couple bracelets made of titanium stainless steel. Each of the bangles is accurately laser-cut and polished to hold a smooth appeal. It’s always an eye-pleasing addition to your wrist (the bracelets measure 18 cm and 23 cm in circumference for you and your loved one). How about a diamond-like sparkle? These bracelets of the Her King His Queen series can bring it. Designed with a cubic zirconia gemstone, each piece warmly shines as the epitome of sophistication. It sits right next to a crown symbol, making a royal combination for lovers and couples.