14 Days 100% Pure Natural Detox Tea Bags


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Slimming Enzyme

day time tea 3g*14teabags /pack

bed time tea 3g*14teabags /pack



Slimming, detoxing


Natural herbal leaf(Chinese oolong tea ,lemongrass,mate leaves ,Ginger root,Fennel seeds ,Dandelion leaf ,Ginseng root,Gotu Kola leaves ,nettle leaves.)

Oolong tea : Oolong tea is used in China as a medicinal herb. It is contained in the Daytime Detox. It is believed to both increase the expenditure of energy and inhibit the absorption of fats .

Dandelion : leaves are organic products in nature and their usage results in one urinating more .

Lemon grass :Lemongrass is used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure.

Senna leaves : Sennoteen acts as a laxative by frustrating the lining of the bowels and hence it is believed to be the ingredient that allows Cleanse to live up to the laxative role associated with it

Mate leaves : Yerba Mate can potentially help with both weight loss and diabetes.

Nettle leaves :It is often utilized as an appetite suppressant, which makes it highly beneficial for both weight loss and weight management.

Fennel seeds :indeed contain numerous flavonoid anti-oxidants. rich source of dietary fiber .

  The Daytime Detox tea helps to simultaneous boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Metabolism boosting can provide you with more energy, while appetite suppression, can reduce hunger cravings.



14 days detox tea is an all-natural tea product that will help you lose weight. Its producers offer detoxing teas for both daytime and nighttime that you can take over a period of either 14 or 28 days. Along with helping you lose weight, these Will also boost your energy. When you consume the daytime tea, your metabolism will be raised, giving you more energy for exercise, while your appetite is suppressed, reducing the urge to snack. Taking the nighttime tea will clean out your digestive system, flushing Out waste so that it won't be stored as fat. Doing so will also flush out toxins that may interfere with effective nutrient absorption .


How to Use

  1.Heat Water

  2.Heat water in a kettle or microwave until it's nearly reached boiling point


 Note: Drink your tea and be on your way to better health. You should be drinking the daytime tea each morning when you get up, or, if you forget, whenever is convenient. The nighttime tea should be taken every other day, right before bed.

It is recommended to use daytime tea together with bedtime tea, and it will work better. 

2pack daytime tea + 2pack bedtime tea = 1 month treatment 

1pack daytime tea + 1pack bedtime tea = Half a month treatment