Air Defuser

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Did you know that dry air is one of the leading causes of dry skin, sinus congestion, chronic cough, and even nosebleeds? Whatever the issue is, you don't need to spend thousands to fix the problem.

Meet the Slim Wireless Ultrasonic Cool Mist air defuser. Moisturises the dry air in your home or office in minutes. This aesthetically pleasing air-hydrating device adds much-needed moisture to your air, directly combating the negative effects of an overly-dry environment.



  • Lighting: 7 night light colours to select
  • Spray Modes: Continuous and periodical
  • Material: ABS
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7v
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Input Voltage: DC 5.0v
  • Tank Capacity: 750ml
  • Spray Amount: 30-50ml/h
  • Dimensions: 3.8" x 3.8" x 7"
  • Weight: 370g