Levitating Air Bonsai Pot


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✔️ Levitating Plant Pot - Magnetic magical floating bonsai pot, floating in the air. A patented arrangement of magnets, coils, sensors and electronics in the base keeps it levitating in mid-air, it is supported by silent magnetic levitation technology, without any noise during operation

✔️ Creative Idea for Desk Decor - Creative design of magnetic levitation flowerpot, it looks so special for your desk. This plant pot is very suitable for small indoor bonsai or other small plants. It can withstand the weight of 300 grams of plants and suspend them

✔️ Unique Home Office Decoration - It is a magnetic magical floating bonsai pot , floating in the air ,rotating 360 degrees automatically when the power is turned on. It can be observed from different angles that plants can rotate in the air with funny dynamic. Besides, it is easy to install , easy to maintenance

✔️ This rotation planter not only conducive to the improvement of indoor environmental quality, but also the best regulator of physical and mental health. It can soften the hard line inside the building, to ease the anxiety, stabilize people's emotions, make people feel comfortable



LOVE IT. This company was incredibly sweet and so, so helpful. I will be buying from them again in the future :) Thank you so much for everything

I purchased this for my significant other who complains of neck and back pain. I love it a lot and considered stealing it