New Magic Negative Air Humidifier

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  • 200ML capacity, 10 hours moisturizing aesthetics, once with water, lasting humidification, add water without frequent, comfortable working all day. .
  • One million negative ions release energy, sterilisation deodorant dust, oxygen and fresh air, bringing fresh breath like rain Plantation move for you.
  • Effective air purification, PM2.5, secondhand smoke, odors and other pollutants, so fresh and clean air is always good to surround you.
  • Purifying filter can filter impurities in the water, so that water mist is more pure. .
  • Innovative tillable rotating 360 ° out of the fog, the fog break inherent manner.
  • The variant with a button can release negative ions in the air when pressing the bottom power button, but the one without a button can not do this.
  • Both products have colored lights.