Crystal Glass Touch Switch - WIFI

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UBARO EU AC100-240 Tempered Black White Crystal Glass Touch Switch Power Led Panel Wall Light Switches 


⭐️Product Description 1、Toughened crystal glass panel, colourfast, elegant and fashionable.

⭐️ 2、Luxury Crystal Glass is Waterproof Fireproof and anti-climbing, safe to use. ⭐️3、Touch control ensures a longer service life than mechanical switches.

⭐️4、New imported IC processor, high sensitivity and stable performance.

⭐️5、Humanised design: the switch is automatically disconnected when the power is off, and the power supply is turned off when the power supply is restored.

⭐️6、Widely used in commercial housing, villas, hotels and so on.

⭐️7、The newly designed touch screen remote control looks like a touch switch, but it is actually a RF433 remote control, which can be controlled by stickers anywhere. There will be dim lights at night, making it easy to control the lights.

⭐️8、Please note: customs does not allow the transport of batteries, so the product does not contain any batteries, please buy it locally!

⭐️9、This is a new generation of light switch. The switch adopts integrated design and has the functions of waterproof, fire prevention and electric shock prevention. ⭐️10、It allows wet hand operation. The appearance is luxurious and simple, which can well adapt to different room styles and improve the appearance of the room to a certain extent.

⭐️11、All products are manufactured to high standards and have been certified by the European Union and can be used in the United Kingdom, the European Union and other European countries.